Sunday, March 24, 2013

Using FCPX for broadcast reality tv

As am overseeing post and editing a broadcast reality show during the upcoming months using FCPX, I was kindly asked to write this adventure on a blog. So buckle up because FCP7 is going bye bye.


  1. Stoked to see how it goes. I just started a small corporate gig on it and I stopped hating it so much. Syncing dailies and multicam is a BREEZE however the keyword vs. bin architecture is a little much to grasp still, for me. I tried using smart keywords but I think I want them to be smarter than they are. One thing I would love is for there to be a smart keyword group of clips I have synced and clips to be synced, and then another group of synced clips already in a multicam clip and synced clips in a multicam. Also, when syncing and multicamming clips in a keyword group, those synced/multicam clips LEAVE the keyword group. I can understand the logic behind this but I should have the option to turn that off because I always have to go back, find it, and mark it with the keywords. I may go back to the folder structure soon as FCPx supports it but it seems to want to work well with the keyword approach.

    Let me know what you prefer once you really get in there!

  2. Thank you so much for blogging about this! I wish you best of luck with the project.