Monday, November 29, 2010

Arri Alexa and Timecode issues

Arri Alexa Camera
During Cinedit Pictures last demo featuring a full Ari Alexa post-production workflow at Freestudios we noticed that there was a timecode issue when conforming for colorgrading.

After transferring ProRes4:4:4:4 from the camera to a 32 TB EVO San, we decided to directly edit some ProRes4:4:4:4 content in Final Cut Pro. After performing a few cuts we exported and xml that would be open in MIST by Marquise Technologies. After conforming the footage in Mist we noticed that the Timecode was off and that not by a few frames.

Right away we decided to contact Marquise Technologies' Head Engineer who advised us to use the recorded time code and not the source time code. And voila. After that simple tweak our workflow was just flawless.


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